dog accessories which offers all types of accessories needed for your pet and spa services wherein your pet is groomed and cleaned professionally. Owning a pet is not all you need to give proper care and love to your pet to make it feel at home. Dogs are the most faithful and loyal friend to the people and the least we can do is taking care of them and providing them with things that make them comfortable and happy.
WAGSUP Boutique
Dog Bed ensures that your pet gets better sleep and stays healthy which is very important for your dog health. Encouraging your dog to sleep in the dog bed is healthier for your own dog. WAGSUP has a wide range of collection of the Best Dog Bed for your pets to sleep comfortably at night.
WAGSUP Pet store includes all types of things needed for the betterment of dogs and cats. The boutique has a collection of different types of dog treats, products, toys, leashes, collars, bowls, bags, beds, and many more. Toys play an important role in the pet dog’s life as they are not acquainted with other dogs and hence don’t get to play enough. Dog toys fill in the gap that is missing in the dog’s life. WAGSUP has a variety ofBest Dog toys in Canada.
WAGSUP spa has different grooming packages for your dogs or cats.
• The spa has zero case policy wherein the dogs are not locked up in the cage during the grooming section.
• The Spa avoids cage drying to decrease the chances of mishap.
• To avoid distraction the saloon has a policy of saying no to overbooking.
• Different toothbrushes for each dog for hygiene reasons
• No sharing of towels, different towels are provided for each dog or cat